Company Profile

EarthVision India Associate Consultants ISO 9000:2015 Certified Company EIA Consultants Organization. Formerly it was known as Earthvision Enviro-tech Pvt. Ltd. Offers

a wide range of ‘need for client’ consultation services including the Environmental Consultancy, Environmental Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment.

(EIA-specializing in Mining, Building, Township and MSW and Various Sectors) and Environmental Management Plan (ETP)(ESTP/WP/CETP) Operation and Marketing (EIA/EMP), Environmental Monitoring, Analytical and Chemical Testing, Mine Surveying, Mining Plan, Scheme of Mining preparation and other Quality Services related to the respective fields,
Waste Water Treatment and Management, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Groundwater Investigation, Soil & Material Testing, etc.

We works in association with experts in various technical fields i.e. Mining, Civil Engineering, Power Sector, Energy, Hydro-geology, Water, Air Pollution Modeling and Industrial Estate . Expertise provided by them is of utmost value and helps in achieving the ultimate goal of client satisfaction.

Earthvision is committed to provide to each and every client professional expert environmental consulting and research services with utmost professionals, transparency, and accountability to ensure complete satisfaction of each and every end product we provide.

Earthvision to continue to surpass the expectations of our clients and competitors and to continue to grow through solid reputation and continued to be recognized as leading environmental thought leaders locally, domestically, and globally.

Earthvision will provide various services according to the client’s need in the field of Environment and will achieve the goal to keep a safe and better Environment.